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A market research agency full of fresh ideas, loads of experience, and smarter, faster, more cost-effective solutions. Which means our clients’ get to do more research, more often.

Not Just Good Looks

A wealth of knowledge behind us and many, many years of experience sets us apart.

Vibrand Research is a market research agency full of fresh ideas with a treasure trove of knowledge. Whilst our success was built on our research craft, good looks, and the proper use of apostrophes – experience is what defines us.

While we’re into new tech, we are also grounded in reality – meaning that everything we do comes with a strong focus on practical application. We never adopt technologies or develop methodologies that do not follow our principles of ease of understanding; ease of use; and ease of application.

From single question surveys to integrated quant & qual deep-dive analysis, across 1 market or 30.

No Challenge Too Big, No Problem Too Small

Smarter, Faster Research

With our expert team and director level involvement in EVERY project, we answer the questions you never thought of asking and design solutions that suit your need and your budget, not just our offering.

Vibrant Human Insight

Quick to scale partnerships across Africa means we can offer F2F interviewing and Digital Qual solutions in 30 African countries.

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

Not sure if you have the budget?

A smaller core team and tech-driven approach mean your days of exorbitant costing research projects are over.

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Insight seekers

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