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Partnering with problem solvers, insight seekers, and decision-makers. Delivering your competitive edge through flexible solutions and action-based insights.

Research that is driven by intuitive expertise, on-the-ground experience and scalable tech.

Smarter, Faster, More Cost-effective Solutions

Reach Across The African Continent

We have mastered the ability of quickly scaling partnerships across Africa.

This allows us to offer F2F interviewing and Digital Qual. solutions in 30 countries across the African continent.

Tailored For Your Needs

We give you the answers to questions you never thought of asking and craft solutions that suit your requirements and your budget.

Director level involvement in every project is where we stand apart from the crowd.

Made For Your Budget

Limited budget? We can still assist!

Offering you a smaller core team and tech-driven approach means your days of exorbitantly priced research projects are over.


Qual. Solutions

Mobile, fast, scalable and cost-effective.

Qual. is where it all began for us!

Qual. is where we first made our mark as a forward-thinking research company with a passion for modern technology and innovation.

We offer all the usual qual. solutions – from focus groups to immersions; from deep consumer work to B2B interviews. We have worked across multiple categories and with hundreds of clients. From developing concepts to testing ads to deep diving need states to positioning work – we have done it all.


Traditional Qual.


Digital Qual.


On The Ground Intelligence Hubs


Insights Accelerator

Focus Groups

Vibrand 20/20


Quant. Solutions

Quantitative solutions designed to best fit your needs.

Bespoke quantitative solutions. We’ll never box you into a ‘model’: every study we design is based on its own merits and your individual needs.

Quant. is all about the numbers. This research is used to quantify (or, rather, measure) opinions, attitudes behaviours and hypothesis. This allows us to uncover patterns across a range of behaviours, motivations, emotions, and cognitions.

Our team of experts, equipped with multiple methodologies and analysis tools use creative, modern and reimagined approaches to design the best quantitative research solutions for your needs.

Our quant. solutions include:

Traditional Quant.


Africa On-The-Ground

Ready-to-go Free Reports – Your doorway to human insight
Human Insight is as important as ever. But it is expensive. We bring you free, impactful, up-to-date research. 4 unique, thematic-led studies across South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana:

  • Resilience and Status in Africa Report 2022 (South Africa only)
  • Vaccine Hesitancy Report 2021 (South Africa only)
  • Lifestyle and Status in Africa Report 2019
  • African Identity and Nutrition in Africa Report 2019

Leveraging our digital qual expertise, proprietary methodologies and digital qual. Intelligence Hubs to deliver:


Ready-to-go reports, packed with Vibrant human insight and actionable outcomes.


On-going access to our Africa OTG Intelligence Hubs for your bespoke research needs.

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