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Driven by our passion for the markets we work in and inspired by the people we meet, we have partnered to make a difference.

The Overview

Our founder and Director, Stuart Jones, is also the co-founder and Director of Projects at the Centre for Analytics and Behaviour Change (CABC). The CABC is a non-profit, public benefit organization that was born under lockdown and has been operational since March 2020.

It was established to identify, analyse, report on and counter mis-and disinformation, fake news and divisive and polarizing rhetoric that is promulgated online to undermine social cohesion, democratic integrity, and the stability of nation states.

This work has put Stuart at the forefront of the fight against disinformation on social media, on which the CABC are global leaders.

Since its inception the CABC has uncovered and intervened in organized networks of xenophobes and state capturers.
Their Democracy project has played a central role in the fight against state capture and insurrectionists. Their Countering Misogyny at Scale project uses social media as a tool for healing and dialogue amongst men. The CABC has run successful intervention programmes boosting vaccine confidence in 6 African countries, and they are currently launching a project aimed at supporting the just transition to renewable energy in South Africa.

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