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A team of statistical experts equipped with multiple methodologies and analysis tools. Using creative, modern and reimagined approaches to design the best quantitative research solutions for your needs.


Not just “one size fits all” for our clients.

Our approach is simple: we’ll never box you into a ‘model’ – every study we design is based on its own merits and your individual needs.

We employ a variety of methods and modules, each with their own statistical tools.

Modules can be used on their own or in conjunction with some or all other modules. We assemble our modules based on project-specific research needs. Each module has a number of advanced statistical analysis tools to reach its aim, which in some cases overlap with other modules. In processing and reporting on our findings, we focus strongly on providing you with actionable, strategic insights.

The field has always been the Achilles Heel of quant research – and we insist on being absolutely certain of the accuracy of our data. Consequently, we employ BOTH hands-on supervision AND state of the art tech in our process – offering a blend of efficiency and reliability. This ‘best of both worlds’ approach is at a competitive cost.

Our tech allows for complete digital management of the process – with GPS tracking of our field teams, data captured in real-time, several layers of quality control (including randomised audio recording), randomised questioning (where appropriate) and automated quotas.

The hands-on component sees an executive member of Vibrand deployed into field, and working with our field heads throughout the process. This adds a layer of management level supervision a few other agencies provide.

It ensures daily interaction with our field team, daily updates from our interviewers – allowing for in-field tweaks to questionnaires or briefing instructions, and qualitative feedback from the interviewers to the client on a daily basis.

This approach has made field quicker, better and more reliable than ever before – never again do you have to sit in a presentation and quietly wonder whether the data you are seeing is reliable.

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Specialist statisticians, superb field services and senior-level quality control.

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