On-The-Ground Intelligence Hubs.

Build your own or leverage ours.

The Overview

In Summary:
An on-the-ground Intelligence Hub is a digital qual panel that we have designed and retained for you to tap into whenever you need it. This means even faster, more cost-effective delivery of on-the-go questions, follow-up research and actionable insights.

You will love it because:
It’s an always-on intelligence panel that gets more efficient every time you use it.

With each round of research, we improve the quality of your respondents, ensuring you are left with only the best, fastest responders.

You can design and retain your own brand-owned digital qual panel OR simply leverage our existing OTG Africa Youth hubs. 21 – 29 year-old intelligence hubs in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

It’s the fastest, most cost-effective way to:

  • Conduct any digital qual.
  • Conduct digital qual follow- up research and progress reports.
  • Quick- single question qual feedback for better day-to-day decision making.