Focus Group Discussions

From the traditional to the innovative.

The Overview

In Summary

We offer a range of focus group options that take your objectives and budget into account to offer you the best approach to meet your needs.

  • Traditional face to face groups in a viewing facility offer you deep insight and an opportunity to come into direct contact with your target consumer.
  • Online groups, conducted via an online platform, mean we can access a range of consumers across a broad geographical region, saving on travel costs while still delivering rich insight.
  • In-home groups provide a more intimate environment, increasing consumer levels of comfort, while allowing you to see your consumer in a true to life setting.
  • Digital group discussions are a fast moving, quick response option that allows us to chat to consumers over a range of geographies. These are ideal when you need quick answers for a straight forward objective.
  • A hybrid approach: we offer client online viewing for face to face focus group discussions. This is typically done in African countries where face to face focus groups are a more comfortable option for respondents, but the client team wishes to view the discussions without incurring travel costs. The online environment replicates the backroom discussion, interactivity and observation of a viewing facility, from the comfort of your own home or office.

You will love it because:

With years of focus group experience under our belt, we can offer you creative, deep probing group discussions that use creative projective techniques to tease out the issues and get below the surface with consumers. Each discussion is tailor made to your needs with the opportunity to refine the process as we progress. A truly interactive form of research.

How it works:

A highly experienced, skilled moderator works from our semi-structured discussion guide to explore your key questions with 5-8 respondents, providing rich and in-depth insight