Digital Qual. Reimagined.

Mobile-based, fast, scalable and more cost-effective.

The Overview

In Summary:
Mobile, fast, scalable and cost-effective.

Qualitative work has been the foundation of our success from the word go. Suitable for exploratory research, qual is mostly used to discover and understand individual experiences, thoughts, opinions, and trends. It allows us to dig deeper into the problem at hand.

We have worked across multiple categories and with hundreds of clients. From developing concepts to testing ads, deep diving need states and positioning work – we have done it all.

We conduct qual around Africa and regularly run simultaneous multi-country studies for our corporate clients using proprietary digital methodologies that allow us to offer faster, smarter, more cost-effective solutions that deliver real-world insights.

You will love it because:
Our skilled qualitative experts moderate your qual. research through proprietary tech across 1 market or 30. We design the solution, scale and depth around your need and budget.

How it works:
Leveraging in-depth interviews and focus group dynamics to deliver richer qualitative research.