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Smarter, Faster, More Cost-effective Africa-Wide Research

Our specialist on-the-ground experience spans countries and categories and our intuitive expertise is our secret weapon. We use proprietary digital methodologies and recruitment techniques to deliver smarter, faster more cost-effective market research, insights and intelligence solutions across Africa, to clients around the world.

Smarter, Faster Research

Using proprietary methodologies and recruitment techniques, we deliver smarter, faster, more cost-effective market research, insights and intelligence solutions across Africa.

Vibrant Human Insight

Unlocking real human insight through in-market expertise and an intuitive understanding of the problems we solve.

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

The speed, agility and dedication of a core team of experts, complemented by the ability to scale rapidly and deliver your solution through our network of specialists.

Our Full-service Offering

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Traditional Qual.


Digital Qual.


On The Ground Intelligence Hubs


Insights Accelerator


Vibrand 20/20

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Social Insights, Social Impact


Consultancy Services

From single question surveys to integrated qual & quant deep-dive analysis, across 1 market or 30.

Real-world Research, For Real-world Insights


Qual. Solutions

Mobile, fast, scalable and cost-effective.

Qualitative work has been the foundation of our success from the word go. Suitable for exploratory research, qual is mostly used to discover and understand individual experiences, thoughts, opinions, and trends. It allows us to dig deeper into the problem at hand.

We have worked across multiple categories and with hundreds of clients. From developing concepts to testing ads, deep-diving need states and positioning work – we have done it all.

We conduct qual around Africa and regularly run simultaneous multi-country studies for our corporate clients using proprietary digital methodologies that allow us to offer faster, smarter, more cost-effective solutions that deliver real-world insights.


Quant. Solutions

Quantitative solutions designed to best fit your needs.

Bespoke quantitative solutions. We’ll never box you into a ‘model’: every study we design is based on its own merits and your individual needs.

Quant. is all about the numbers. This research is used to quantify (or, rather, measure) opinions, attitudes behaviours and hypothesis. This allows us to uncover patterns across a range of behaviours, motivations, emotions, and cognitions.

Our team of experts, equipped with multiple methodologies and analysis tools use creative, modern and reimagined approaches to design the best quantitative research solutions for your needs.


Africa On-The-Ground

Ready-to-go Reports

2 unique, ready-to-go, thematic-led studies across lifestyle, status, nutrition and African identity across South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana with a focus on 21-29-year-olds.

These are packaged into two reports, each covering 2 themes and 3 countries.

Leveraging our digital qual expertise, proprietary methodologies and digital qual. Intelligence Hubs to deliver:


Ready-to-go reports, packed with Vibrant human insight and actionable outcomes.


On-going access to our Africa OTG Intelligence Hubs for your bespoke research needs.

Latest News

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

In 2016 we conducted a landmark study into Boko Haram. It led to a series of policy positions that were presented at the United Nations in New York. The study comprised several thousand face to face interviews with citizens across Nigeria, qualitative interviews with...

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Xenophobia on Social Media

Xenophobia on Social Media

Press Release: Xenophobia on Social Media in South Africa 2011-present day. The Citizen Research Centre ( has recently published a report on Xenophobia on Social Media in South Africa from 2011 to present day. The full report is available...

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Pants on Fire – Brexit Breakdown

Pants on Fire – Brexit Breakdown

For this research, key UK politicians and political parties were tracked along with terms denoting lying, cheating or otherwise misleading the public. Looking from 1 January to 9 July 2016 volume of conversation presents two main outlier events. Namely, in April when...

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