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Do you need to know more about your consumer?
Questions you may have
Who is my consumer? What do they need? What motivates them? How can I be sure my brand meets their needs? What messages are most relevant to them?

Why do consumer insight research?
Understanding your consumer is key to ensuring that your product, brand, service or offering is best suited to meet your consumers’ needs. In an unpredictable and changing marketplace, it is important to keep up-to-date with who your consumer is and what drives them so you can understand why they are/aren’t engaging with you. Consumer insight research is a window into the world of your consumer, to help you better meet their needs and communicate effectively with them.

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Do you want to understand your brand better?

Questions you may have
How do I come up with a brand positioning? Is my brand positioning working? How is my brand performing? How do I grow my brand? How do I launch a new brand?

Why do brand research?
In order to stand out in a cluttered market place a brand needs to be unique, relevant, offering something different, functionally and/or emotionally, from competitors. Consumers should remember your brand, identify with it and choose it as it meets their needs best. Brand research can help you to understand your brand better and explore ways to make it more relevant to your target consumer.

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Do you want to get closer to your consumer?

Questions you may have
How do I immerse myself in my consumers’ world? How do I get to know my consumer as a person? How can I understand the day-to-day reality of my consumers’ life better?

Why do immersions (ethnographic research)?
Immersions provide the opportunity to observe your consumer in their own environment, e.g. at home, while socialising, while shopping, etc. In a diverse society the background and culture of the product or brand marketer and advertiser may be quite different from that of the end user. This means the context in which your product or service is used may not be what you expect. Immersions help you to understand the needs of your consumer better, as well as gaining first-hand experience of their world. This enables you to better meet their needs.

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Do you want to know more about focus groups?

Questions you may have
How can I learn about my consumer by watching them in a group discussion? How can I see my consumer face-to-face? What do my consumers think of my product/brand/service?

Why do focus groups?
Focus groups give you the opportunity to listen to and observe a group of like-minded consumers as they discuss their lives, needs, desires, product usage, brand perceptions, etc. The list of topics that can be discussed in a focus group is endless. Focus groups are invaluable when you want in-depth and creative insight into your research question. The discussion setting provides a springboard for creativity and insight that is harder to gain in a one-on-one engagement.

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Are you meeting your customers’ needs?
Questions you may have
How well is my product/brand/service meeting my customers’ needs? How can I improve what I offer to better meet my customers’ needs? How can I keep my customers loyal?

Why do customer satisfaction research?
You may believe that you are offering customers the best product, the best customer service and all at a great price, but how can you be sure that you are meeting your customers’ expectations. Acquiring new customers is a harder task then retaining existing customers, which means it is important to ensure current customers are happy. Customer satisfaction research provides you with feedback both in terms of what you are doing well, but also highlights key areas for improvement. This enables you to fine-tune your offering, as well as ensuring you can address problems before they start to impact on your bottom line.

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Do you want to understand more about research?

Questions you may have
How does market research work? What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative research and when should I use each? My business needs research, but I am not sure where to start? This is my first time commissioning research, what should I do?

Learn more about research
We know that not everyone is familiar with how market research works and different research approaches. Sometimes research jargon can be confusing if you don’t commission research often. If you are keen to understand some of the basics about research, want to understand more about different research approaches or even if you just need to know whether you can get research done for your budget, then you can find out more here.

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Qualitative & Quantitative Research Reimagined

Smarter, Faster, More Cost-effective Africa-Wide Research

Our specialist on-the-ground experience spans countries and categories and our intuitive expertise is our secret weapon. We use proprietary digital methodologies and recruitment techniques to deliver smarter, faster more cost-effective market research, insights and intelligence solutions across Africa, to clients around the world.

Smarter, Faster Research

Using proprietary methodologies and recruitment techniques, we deliver smarter, faster, more cost-effective market research, insights and intelligence solutions across Africa.

Vibrant Human Insight

Unlocking real human insight through in-market expertise and an intuitive understanding of the problems we solve.

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

The speed, agility and dedication of a core team of experts, complemented by the ability to scale rapidly and deliver your solution through our network of specialists.

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From single question surveys to integrated qual & quant deep-dive analysis, across 1 market or 30.

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Qual. Solutions

Mobile, fast, scalable and cost-effective.

Qualitative work has been the foundation of our success from the word go. Suitable for exploratory research, qual is mostly used to discover and understand individual experiences, thoughts, opinions, and trends. It allows us to dig deeper into the problem at hand.

We have worked across multiple categories and with hundreds of clients. From developing concepts to testing ads, deep-diving need states and positioning work – we have done it all.

We conduct qual around Africa and regularly run simultaneous multi-country studies for our corporate clients using proprietary digital methodologies that allow us to offer faster, smarter, more cost-effective solutions that deliver real-world insights.


Quant. Solutions

Quantitative solutions designed to best fit your needs.

Bespoke quantitative solutions. We’ll never box you into a ‘model’: every study we design is based on its own merits and your individual needs.

Quant. is all about the numbers. This research is used to quantify (or, rather, measure) opinions, attitudes behaviours and hypothesis. This allows us to uncover patterns across a range of behaviours, motivations, emotions, and cognitions.

Our team of experts, equipped with multiple methodologies and analysis tools use creative, modern and reimagined approaches to design the best quantitative research solutions for your needs.


Africa On-The-Ground

Ready-to-go Free Reports – Your doorway to human insight

Human Insight is as important as ever. But it is expensive. We bring you free, impactful, up-to-date research. 4 unique, thematic-led studies across South Africa, Nigeria and Ghana:

  • Resilience and Status in Africa Report 2022 (South Africa only)
  • Vaccine Hesitancy Report 2021 (South Africa only)
  • Lifestyle and Status in Africa Report 2019
  • African Identity and Nutrition in Africa Report 2019

Leveraging our digital qual expertise, proprietary methodologies and digital qual. Intelligence Hubs to deliver:


Ready-to-go reports, packed with Vibrant human insight and actionable outcomes.


On-going access to our Africa OTG Intelligence Hubs for your bespoke research needs.

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