Vibrand Quant offers the hallmark Vibrand experience, along with a broad array of quantitative products.

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke Quantitative solutions, meaning we’ll never box you into a ‘model’: every study we design is based on its own merits and your individual needs.

While we offer all the usual quantitative solutions, we have three central quant offerings: Reach, Opinion and Tasting Panels. Tasting Panels are processed through our sister company, The Tasting Panel. Reach offers short form quant in 54 countries, and in every country we operate we are also able to offer traditional quantitative work.


For a full list of all the countries in which we offer quantitative research, click here.

Opinion harnesses the power of our partner, Crimson Hexagon, and allows us to conduct depth analysis on over 900 billion pieces of social media data. Unlike some others, this is not about ‘social listening’ – this is real research! For more info click here. Our Qual and Quant departments do not exist in separate silos; we work closely together and provide a seamless and integrated full service research offering.

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