Vibrand Qual is where it all began! Qual is where we first made our mark as a forward thinking research company with a passion for modern technology and innovation.

Vibrand Qual prides itself in having been the foundation of the company’s success, and this is reflected in our constant striving for new and revealing ways to navigate the age old research questions. We are committed to researching your business needs and representing your brand in a decisive, authentic and engaging way.

We offer all the usual qual solutions – from focus groups to immersions; from deep consumer work to B2B interviews. We have worked across multiple categories and with hundreds of clients. From developing concepts to testing ads to deep diving need states to positioning work – we have done it all.

We work with a ‘network of experts’ that we have developed over the years – we prefer to work with expert practitioners in each area of qualitative work to produce the best possible results – as opposed to expecting one researcher to do it all. So we have a bank of moderators that specialise in various areas; similarly a bank of analysts and reporters who develop our insights and feedback our results.


Our recruiting network has been developed and honed over the last decade and a half, and we provide the best possible recruiting in South Africa, and in many (32 at last count) African countries.

All this backed by the best client service and most rigorous organisational capacity available.

We conduct qual around Africa, and regularly run simultaneous multi country studies for our global corporate clients.

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