While we think everything about Vibrand is pretty fabulous, there is something extra-special about Vibrand Reach.

Vibrand Reach is our face-to-face interviewing solution. Through our partnerships with the best independent research agencies across all African regions and the Middle East, Reach is available in 54 countries.

Reach was initially developed and implemented around the needs of our social clients, who require unprecedented penetration into difficult-to-reach markets. Of course, our corporate Clients were soon to follow!

Reach is an agile, adaptive research solution that utilises technology and partnerships to deliver face-to face consumer interviews. It is centrally managed, with field teams that number in the thousands. We run short (7-10 minutes) interviews with consumers in the streets of hundreds of cities and towns. Interviewers operate where they live, so the research process is a very active one – with field teams interviewing people on the streets across the continent. In some countries (like Nigeria) we have field teams in as many as 50 cities and towns.

Our interviewers use a global standard surveying platform to conduct interviews on android devices. They are able to run these interviews on- and off-line –and these are then uploaded onto our platform.

This allows us to see the data as it comes in from any one of the 54 countries that we cover. We are able to see which interviews were conducted by which field team members, and have numerous anomaly detectors built into the platform. These include text message back checking and audio recording of random questions to ensure compliance on the face-to-face interviewing requirements. The data is then cleaned, analysed and reported on from our offices.

From studies run in individual cities to those run simultaneously across multiple countries Reach allows access to information quickly and accurately. Reach provides all of the benefit of in-person interviews without the cost or complexity. It combines the skill and nuance of a face-to-face interview with the innovation of a state-of-the-art online research platform. This provides us with an agile, cost-effective and speedy research offering with a level of depth and breadth that continues to amaze us!

Our data collection and analytics are of the highest standard. We have a variety of measures built into our process and our platform that assist in identifying outliers and potential risks. Our reporting includes:

  • A dashboard that allows our clients to analyse the data by all the available demographic variables. These typically include geography (by country, city or town), gender and age. They also include project specific variables like household income, employment status, religion or ethnicity. The dashboard includes an automatic statistical significance indicator.
  • A presentation: we provide total sample level reporting as well as reporting on all demographic matters of statistical significance.
  • Regression analysis on all data (if required).


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