Vibrand Pulse: taking the social media Pulse of your brand every month

Download our reports on Heineken here to see what it’s all about:

Vibrand Pulse is our brand new social media offering. We offer Vibrand Pulse in every country in the world, except for China, Sudan and Sao Tome. Pulse is simple, affordable and very very useful.

We work on Crimson Hexagon, the best (and most expensive!) social media analytics platform in the world. Vibrand Pulse uses the power of Crimson Hexagon to offer you meaningful, brand oriented reporting, on a monthly basis – by brand, by country, anywhere in the world. On your brands, your competitor brands – on any brand really!

Buy a minimum package of 6 months. This will cost you $1000 / R10 000 per brand per country per month. Discounts on volume available! We will also throw in a year long retrospective overview of your brand at no extra cost.

You might be wondering what you will get for your money – well, we have put together something to show you exactly what you will get.

We chose Heineken. So if you’re from Heineken, here’s a free report on your brand. If you’re not, this is what a report on your brand will look like. Bear in mind that this isn’t a straight search term based report – our analysts put in the work upfront to make sure that all search terms relevant to your brand are included, and our Boolean search terms allow for very accurate data collection. No spurious mentions, no irrelevant asides bumping up your volume.

We are also able to analyse your twitter account for you. Here is the report for Heineken's twitter account for 2016. If you’re from Heineken, well it’s a pleasure!

You’ll see that you will get all of the following:

  • Volume per month, benchmarked against the last year average and against the previous year's month
  • Content sources
  • Affinity analysis
  • Geography analysis
  • Gender and age analysis
  • Topic wheels: by gender
  • Topic Clusters
  • Topic trends
  • Key authors: high influence
  • Key authors: low influence
  • Sentiment analysis of the month's traffic
  • Emotional analysis of the month's traffic

Fantastic as all of this is, you may well have questions. The first would be why don’t I also buy reports on my competitors. The answer: well, you should! You might also ask questions like – um, why was there a huge spike in negative opinion on my brand this month, or what was that topic all about, or why has joy gone down and disgust gone up, or how did that social media campaign go down, or why is my competitor getting a lot more engagement than I am. Well, we have the answers there too – you can request additional information on almost anything you notice, and we will find it for you. This does of course cost extra – but not that much all things considered.

You may have category questions – like Heineken may want to know how people on social media in Kenya describe beer in general, or what is the interplay between Heineken and Star in Nigeria. Or what social media campaigns have worked really well for other brands in South Africa and Uganda. Or what can we learn from successful campaigns in the States – or Scotland for that matter. Well, we can provide the answers there too.

Anyway, there it all is - affordable, useful social media information is just a mouse click and an eft away. At Vibrand we run research across all methodologies in over 50 countries. We run social media research in any country in the world. Except China, because they block us. And we are committed to client service and helping you out. Affordably. So drop us a mail on pulse@vibrand.co.za. Seriously, you’re going to love working with us.


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