Vibrand has had many requests from clients for cheaper, quicker qualitative and quantitative research, and our digital research solutions are our answer to that call.

Proper use of both emerging and well established tech has allowed us to offer digital solutions that are cheaper and quicker than ever before, without sacrificing on quality.

This is the judicious use of tech alongside good old fashioned qual and quant research skills and experience.

Imagine… running ethnographic IDIs and deep insight work with 30 consumers, along with a few focus groups and getting all the feedback in 2 weeks. Including video, photos, and a deep dive into your consumers lives as they live them. Then quantifying the insights with 1000 consumers in 2 weeks – a full qual and quant study run in 4 weeks, and at 60% of the price of a traditional study.

Imagine… waking up with a question for your brand specific insight community, mailing us and having an answer the next day.

Imagine… qual feedback and insight delivered to you in just over a week, including both group and one-on-one IDIs, all at a lower cost than focus groups (which would take 4 weeks).

Imagine… cutting the cost of focus groups in Lagos, Nairobi, Dar, Lusaka and 30 other African cities by more than half.

Imagine… running digital qualitative research in London and Johannesburg at the same time…

Imagine… asking trend spotting communities in five different countries to take picture of trends on a Friday night out, and getting the results a week later. Or getting the photos in a direct live stream.

We have three tiers of digital solutions, which between them offer almost all that traditional qual and quant can offer – quicker and more cost effectively:

  • Ad, pack and concept testing;
  • Lifestyle, category or brand trend checking;
  • Event monitoring and impact checking;
  • Consumer psychographics and segmentation;
  • Ethnography;
  • Usage and Attitude studies
  • Etc, etc…
While most of our work is in South Arica, we are also able to offer our digital services in a large number of developing and developed countries – making our digital research services truly global.
We are a little cagey about how we Do Do What We Digitally Do Do So Well, so please mail us for more detail.
We have a deck and a case study that we can send and chat you through:

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