Vibrand Research is a market research agency full of fresh ideas and loads of experience. While our success was built on our research craft, good looks, and the proper use of apostrophes, experience is what defines us.

Over the years, we have become a cherished home for many high level researchers, who have spurned the corporate world for Vibrand’s freedom-loving and passionate culture.

What does that mean for you, the Client? Well, if you team up with us, there will always be a Vibrander with more than ten years of experience standing at your side, running your projects, and workshopping your results.

At Vibrand, we love technology. We are always on the lookout for new ways to crack the age old research questions, as well as make the research process more agile and efficient. While we’re into new tech, we are also grounded in reality - meaning that everything we do comes with a strong focus on practical application. We never adopt technologies or develop methodologies that do not follow our principles of: ease of understanding; ease of use; and ease of application.

What we do Proprietary Tools

We operate out of Cape Town and Johannesburg, but have an Africa wide network that allows us to conduct research across the continent. We also specialise in social media research globally.

Our Core values are based around a commitment to developing ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships with all our Clients:

  • We offer research of high calibre across all major methodologies, with an emphasis on creative and modern approaches; for every project commissioned, we handpick from the many methods at our disposal to address your research needs with concern and precision.
  • We are driven to provide the best Client service in the industry; every member of every team is committed to meet your needs with expertise, professionalism, attentiveness and care.
  • Where projects require a more strategic touch, we have high level capabilities in creative ideation and workshopping; our goal is always to bring you the best collaborative solutions.

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